Filming a shack fire can be hazardous.  And not because of the fire, but rather the foam used extinguish it.

Film a demonstration testing a fire-proof product for shacks.  A selection of shacks will be treated with the product, while others won’t and all will be set alight in front of a grandstand of invited guests.

The Inspire Drone.  Drone footage would allow the test to be filmed close enough to accurately capture the demonstration, while remaining a safe distance from the fire.

It was successful in all fronts –  the shacks that were fire-proofed survived and those that weren’t gave us a beautiful blaze to capture that was visually magnificent.

Other than keeping the drone a safe distance from the fire and people, we could not be in flight when the helicopter and plane flew by to drop water and foam onto the burning shacks.

The interesting part:
The helicopter’s drop of the water was uneventful, but when the plane released its foam, a gust of wind picked up at that very moment, carrying the foam towards the innocent onlookers, our ground photographer being one of them.  Seeing that the scrambling guests didn’t stand a chance of outrunning the wind of foam, he chose to head straight into it and shelter behind a fire truck.

The photographer still emerged covered in foam, but we are happy to say that the fire-proof product wasn’t the only thing tested that day; our camera equipment turns out to be foam-proof, too.

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