A successful real estate agent is someone who markets their properties in such a way as to attract the right buyers who are prepared to pay the right price in the fastest time frame possible.  But there are many agents and agencies out there, all vying for the prime properties.  To make sure that it’s you that the sellers contact, you need to run the best marketing campaign you can.  Drone photography can help you do just that.

  1. Drone photos create a great first impression

The first impression that your potential buyers will get of a property is the most important.  It will determine if they stop to investigate further or move on to the next option.  As the majority of potential buyers will first come across a property via the internet or a pamphlet, that first photo needs to capture their attention and stand out from all the rest.  If the photo depicts the house in its best light, there is an increase in the likelihood that they will look further into this property.  And the best way to showcase a property is with an aerial photo.

  1. An aerial shot paints the whole picture

With walls, trees and other structures on a property, a ground photo will most likely provide a limited view of the property.   With a panoramic drone photo, the house and the garden are captured, showcasing the property in its entirety and painting a better picture of what to expect for the potential buyer.

  1. Drone photos show the size of the property

Unless very experienced in property purchasing, most buyers can’t imagine the size of the property when they are given the square meters or hectares of the property.  An aerial shot can depict expanse and gives the potential buyer a realistic idea of the size of the property.

  1. An aerial shot gives a better sense of the property

An aerial photo, combined with interior photos will give the viewer a better sense of the property.  It will show things like the size of the house, the landscape of the garden or where the pool is in relation to the buildings.  It will also depict the layout of the house and accurately display the architectural style of the property.  With an aerial shot, a potential buyer will know immediately if this is a place that they could call home.

  1. An aerial view tells you about the neighbourhood

An aerial shot, that incorporates a bit of the area around the property, will give potential buyers an idea of the neighbourhood.  Is it a quiet suburb with no thoroughfare, is it surrounded by other large properties rather than complexes, is it a safe place for my family to live?  The neighbourhood, as well as the actual house and property, is an important aspect to a buyer’s decision to purchase a property.

When looking to utilise aerial photography in real estate remember to not only look for a licenced drone pilot, but also someone who is a creative photographer who knows how to capture a property in its best light and can provide you with a beautiful shot that sells itself.

To find out how AerialShots can combine creativity with drone technology to capture and breath-taking and marketable image for your properties, email or visit


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