A drone is just a tool.  What we do with that tool is what gives it it’s value.

For the military, a drone is a weapon. For the hobbyists, a drone is a toy.  For the cinematographers, a drone is a new angle.

But these are just the well-known uses of drones.  Their potential is one that can impact a great number of industries:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Mining
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Policing and searches
  • Urban and Wildlife Security
  • Medical emergency assist and rural medical care
  • Claims and disputes
  • Environmental and Wildlife Studies
  • Courier Services and Transport
  • Construction and off-site building inspection
  • Entertainment

But within each of these industries, the drone industry cannot stand alone.  It needs to partner with software developers in order to provide real value across other sectors.  Drones collect information, but it still requires expert knowledge to know what to do with this data.  Only by developing software that analyses the information and provides actionable steps, can drones make a significant impact on other industries.

Drones burst onto the commercial stage just a few years ago and the technology and hardware has advanced rapidly since then.  But the extent of the drone’s potential has only recently been recognised, as has the role of software in growing that potential.  Software, as it relates to the drone’s functions, is only now being tested and developed.  It still needs to catch up.  But there is no doubt that it will.  And once it does, the drone industry will impact many other industries.

Drones are just a tool.  It will only be in a partnership with software development that its extensive value can be reached.  And so, the future of the drone industry will be hindered or advanced by how fast software is developed.

AerialShots are licenced and skilled drone pilots that can collect aerial information for whichever industry you are in.  To find out more, contact us on or visit

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