You have probably seen it in the movies: a soldier sits in a control room and spies on enemies in a far-off country.  Then, when he spots his target, a button is pressed and a bomb is dropped.  And he did it all with a drone.

It is the role that drones have played in modern warfare (and Hollywood’s depiction of it) that have made people view drones as a threat.  But although the military invented it, commercial needs have driven the drone’s development.

Whether you like it or not, drones are here to stay and in The Future of the Drone Industry you can see just how much they will become a part of the way we do business and interact with our environment.  Similarly to the way you now think, “How did I function before mobile phones,” so one day you will say the same about drones.

It is, therefore, time to stop seeing the threat and start to look for the opportunities.  You can count on your fingers the number of years that have passed since drones exploded onto the commercial market.  But you won’t be able to count the exponential growth in its technology since then.

The drones I own and use are far different from the drones the military have weaponised, as they have been adapted to meet their commercial functions.

Commercial drones are constantly developing in the following ways, to name a few:

  • They are smaller and lighter, allowing them to be more agile.
  • Their battery life has extended dramatically.
  • They are far easier to operate and the operation software now provides better information.
  • They have increased in flying speed and the distances at which they can be controlled at are extending.
  • The above point has led to drones being able to be operated from out of visual line of sight.
  • Where a pilot once had to fly after moving objects to keep them in sight, drones can now lock onto an object and follow it.
  • The cameras and various attachments have become more targeted in their functions.
  • Drones have become steadier so that images capturd do not blur.

There are drones that are – and will continue to be –  weapons that can spy and target enemies without even been seen.  Whatever your ethical views on these types of drones may be, the fact remains that drones have also found a use in the commercial space.  And how much of this space they occupy will only grow.

AerialShots are licenced and skilled drone pilots that can collect aerial information for whichever industry you are in.  To find out more, contact us on or visit


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