• Jozi By Air

    When you are up in the air, the city sprawls endlessly below you.  Some parts are beautifully lush and green, others are a cluster of skyrises reflecting the sun off their walls of windows.
    Still others are industrial, brown or unattractive.  You can see a range of housing lifestyles – the large mansions with their gardens,…


    Life as an aerial photographer and videographer, has changed rapidly over the last few years.   Ryan Thomas, the Chief Drone Pilot and one of the founders of AerialShots tells us his story of life up in the air.
    Chapter One: The Elitist High-Flyer
    In the old days, if someone wanted an aerial shot, I had two choices:…


    Liberia isn’t the easiest (or quickest) place to get to, but it is where our nameless drone-hero lives.

    It took us 36 hours to fly from Johannesburg, to Kenya, to Nigeria before we finally landed in Liberia and then we still had a significant drive to our shoot location.

    But there was no good news awaiting us…


    Ryan has travelled internationally with the drone many times, but Angola was the first place that customs officials pulled him over.  They were fascinated and baffled by this equipment.  Was he a spy, they wanted to know?
    After explaining that drone was like a camera that could fly, they were even more convinced that he was…

  • AerialShots website goes live!

    Our team have been involved in the video production industry for over 20 years and were always looking for that something extra, a way to obtain interesting and unique camera angles and visuals which lift production quality to new heights, our pilots have a great creative eye and technological experience to get your perfect shot.

  • Aerial Photography

    Aerialshots (Pty) Ltd is a aerial photography and video services company based in, Gauteng, South Africa, Although we specialise in drone photography and video, using full size helicopters is also something we are accustomed to. We only use licensed drone pilots, have liability Insurance, and are on our way to getting our ROC. We film in…

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